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Careers by choice, not by chance!   



The Career Showcase is a community wide event that teams local businesses, high schools, community colleges together to present a career exploration program.  The individual Career Showcase events can be schedule during the afternoons or evenings, typically 3:30 - 5:00pm or 6:30 - 8:00pm on a selected days (ie: Monday, Tuesday, etc.) for consecutive weeks (ie: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks) or consecutive days in one or two weeks at the business sites.  We have planned that there would be one business representing each of the six Career Pathways each evening.  At each of these business sites, the students and their parents would be greeted by a host who would assist the students with signing in, distribute a packet of career development resources and gifts while enjoying some refreshments.  When the program starts, the visitors would have a tour of the business facility, talk with the individuals performing different jobs at the business finding out about job responsibilities, educational requirements, the future career outlook and wage/salary ranges.  At the end of the program each student and parent would complete a program evaluation.  The student can also request a Certificate of Participation and in some cases participate in a drawing for a gift (ie: gift certificate, movie passes, etc.).

  The number of events each night and number of weeks that the Career Showcase runs is a decision of the administrative team assembled to oversee the showcase.
  We have found that the Career Showcase can be presented for four afternoons and evenings in one week has provided the best format.
  We strongly encourage individuals or businesses interested in pursuing the development of a Career Showcase in their area to contact us and we will assist you by answering any questions you have or advice we can give you.
  Those of us that developed this program have adopted a quote that guides us.  This quote has encouraged us when we felt overwhelmed or have lost sight of the reason we put the program together.  Here is that quote!

"Don't ask me what I want to be, until you show me what there is to be!"


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