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Careers by choice, not by chance!   


The Career Showcase has the goal of presenting career information to students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about their path to a career.  These benefits go beyond the student discovering information about a career, but to their parents, the businesses and the community.

How do these groups benefit from the Career Showcase?

The students   The parents
The employer   The community

  Students benefit by:
      seeing the relationship of their courses of study to careers
      being challenged by career expectations
      experiencing the workplace atmosphere
      discovering how their interests relate to career opportunities
      understanding that education is a life-long process
      finding out about educational alternatives (4 year, 2 year degrees, apprenticeships,
    on-the-job training, etc.)
      discovering new and emerging career opportunities
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  Parents benefit by:
      understanding educational alternatives
      helping their child find a career that fits their individual skills, talents
    and interests
      making connections between high school course offerings and career choices
      gaining career guidance information for their child
      receiving reinforcement for the importance of career planning
     discovering which educational institutions or atmospheres will provide the best
    education for their child
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  The employer benefits by:
      assisting in workforce development
      promoting the importance of their trade or career
      expressing expectations of the employer / employee relationship
      meeting prospective co-op, work study, or school-to-work students
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  The community benefits by:
      being an active part of the educational partnership
      increasing the workforce ready population
      the promotion of economic viability, development and stability
      workforce retention
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