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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Careers by choice, not by chance!

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    Afternoon Sessions:  3:30 - 5:00PM  
  200 Engineering Technology and Tool & Die
Aggressive Tooling, Inc. - Greenville

  205 Automobile Sales & Service Technician
Blake Hollenbeck Auto Sales, Inc. - Greenville
  210 Business, Marketing, & Printing Technology
Quad Graphics, Inc. - Greenville
  215 Health Science
Spectrum Health United Hospital - Greenville


  Evening Sessions:  6:30 - 8:00PM

  255 Engineering Technology & Tool & Die
Greenville Tool & Die Company - Greenville

  260 Emergency Medical Technician
Montcalm County Emergency Services - Stanton

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Aggressive Tooling, Inc.
Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Address: 608 Industrial Park Drive
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Engineer
  Machinist / Die Maker
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Aggressive Tooling is a custom manufacturer of:  attribute and recordable data tool gauges, jig fixtures, welding fixtures and machines, air leak testing machines, drilling machines, metal cutting machines, specialty tooling, CNC specialty machining, and manufacturing automation.  Our well trained staff will provide a turn-key product or any portion of a product.  We provide any phase from designing, building, product testing, support, technical service, and controls service in our facility.  While here, you will observe all components of our operation and explore the many job possibilities we have.

The company has been in business since 1987 and located in the city of Greenville’s industrial park in 1991.  We are successful in part due to the dedication toward our employees and our customers.  As a high school graduate, we can offer great career opportunities including CNC machining, welding, machine design, electronics, automation and automation controls.

We also offer an apprenticeship program with Montcalm Community College in their machinist program which is a certified program with the United States Department of Labor and is recognized across the country.  We encourage our employees to gain knowledge through special training programs we offer and appeal for their input in looking for better and faster ways to make our products.  Along with a very positive working environment they are also given competitive wages, great benefits and a flexible work schedule. Future employees of Aggressive Tooling must be self motivated and should possess strong math and computer skills and should have an excellent mechanical aptitude.

We are dedicated to quality, integrity and on time delivery
Website: www.aggtool.com

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Blake Hollenbeck Auto Sales, Inc.
Pathway: Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
  Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Address: 11289 W. Carson City Road (M-57)
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Salesperson
  Service Technician
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm

 Session Closed!

A sales and service facility for late model, previously owned vehicles.  Visit with Blake and his team to learn more about automobile sales and repair.  Blake's service team will also be there ready to answer all your questions about auto service and engine repair.

Website:  www.blakehollenbeckinc.com

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Greenville Tool & Die Company
Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Address: 1215 S. Lafayette Street
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Machine Tool Designers
  Tool & Die Makers
Event Time:

6:30pm - 8:00pm

  Session Closed!

Greenville Tool & Die Company is a designer and builder of high quality metal stamping dies (or tooling) primarily for the making of automobile parts.  These dies are used to make parts for most major automobile manufacturers worldwide.
Greenville Tool & Die was formed in 1946 and until recently was a privately held corporation.  The company is now a 100% employee owned ESOP corporation. 

The two foremost career opportunities offered at Greenville Tool & Die are Tool and Die Maker and Tool and Die Designer.  Each requires completion of a 4-year company sponsored and U.S. Dept. of Labor registered apprenticeship training program.  A specific and formal program of on-the-job training in conjunction with more than 30 credit hours of related instruction from Montcalm Community College is required.  The company pays the tuition and fees for this coursework for apprentices in good standing.  Tool and Die Maker is a hands on career position in the plant arena building the stamping dies to very close tolerances many to within thousands of an inch.  Tool and Die Designers use the latest CAD software (CATIA) to design the dies.  The company has a few individuals trained in both expertise.

Offshoot opportunities from these two career paths include CNC Machinists, CNC Tool Pathers, Computer Programmers, and IT personnel.  Most of the company’s supervisory and management staff are “grown from within.”

The Cooperative Vocational Education Program or “Co-op” has been the company’s most important source of future employees since the 1950’s.  Entry level candidates should possess a strong math background, computer familiarity, and good mechanical aptitude, teamwork skills, and soft skills.

High skills offering comparably high wages.  The industry is forecasted to have a shortage of skilled entry level candidates in the future.

Similar to the other tool & die type companies throughout the county, Greenville Tool & Die Company offers an apprenticeship program with Montcalm Community College.  These apprenticeship programs offer the employee to earn a competitive wage while also attended a fully paid college education.

Website: www.gtd.com

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Spectrum Health United Hospital
Pathway: Health Science
Address: 615 S. Bower Street
  Greenville, MI  48838
  This event will take place in the lower level of the hospital. Please park in Parking Lot J and enter through the doors in the Northeast corner of the building.
Focus Career: See list below
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Visit Spectrum Health United Hospital and learn more about a health care career.  Talk to staff and ask questions about what they do in the hospital environment.
● Nursing ● Nutrition Services
● Laboratory ● Medical Assistant
● Radiology ● Pharmacy
● Physical Therapy ● Patient Registration                        
● Respiratory Therapy  

Fact sheets will be available for health care and hospital related fields as well as careers that support the medical field.

Spectrum Health United Hospital is committed to providing excellent personal care and services through state-of-the-art technology and qualified, caring staff at United Hospital in Greenville.  Our affiliation with Spectrum Health makes local health care more convenient and accessible than ever before by providing a variety of physicians, better technology and improved services.

Spectrum Health United Hospital in Greenville has 49 acute care beds and 39 long-term-care beds. The hospital provides inpatient and emergency care, imaging services, a rehab and nursing center, an acute intensive care unit and obstetric inpatient services. The Hendrik & Gezina Meijer Surgery & Patient Care Center offers general and specialized surgical services, and the United Hospital Heart & Vascular Center offers heart and vascular care. The hospital offers an array of outpatient services, including obstetrics, orthopedics, wound healing clinics, cancer care, primary care and United Lifestyles, which offers programs and education to the community about healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Our group of 176 physicians, 25 physician assistants, 206 nurses and 642 professional staff chose to work at Spectrum Health United Hospital because of the close relationships developed among the team and with patients.  More intimate settings are achieved because of our size, yet we meet the elevated standards of quality care you expect from Spectrum Health.

The future is bright at Spectrum Health United Hospital.  We're leveraging our resources, investing in our communities, and continually improving the experiences of our patients.

Website: www.spectrumhealth.org

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Montcalm County Emergency Services

Health Science

Address: 655 N. State Street
  Stanton, MI  48888
Focus Career: Emergency Medical Technician
Event Time: 

6:30pm - 8:00pm


The Montcalm County Emergency Medical Response Team provides emergency medical assistance to all of Montcalm County's residents.  Headquartered at the Montcalm County Sheriff's Office complex, ambulances and First Responders are stationed throughout the county to provide immediate emergency health care.  During your visit here, you'll get the opportunity to tour the ambulances and learn first hand about the duties, responsibilities, educational requirements and wages from the director and paramedics.


Website: www.montcalm.org  

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Quad Graphics, Inc.
Pathway: Business, Marketing, & Printing Technology
Address: 1321 E. VanDeines Street
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Marketing, Print Operator
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Quad/Graphics is a leading global printer and marketing services provider. Headquartered in Wisconsin since its' founding as a printer in 1971, business operations today span the globe and cover multiple facets of business in addition to the printing aspect.  The Greenville facility produces a wide range of retail inserts for a diverse customer market.
Website: www.qg.com

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