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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Careers by choice, not by chance!

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    Afternoon Sessions:  3:30 - 5:00PM  
  300 Engineering & Manufacturing
Dicastal - Greenville
  305 Banking & Finance
Sidney State Bank - Greenville
  310 Health Science
Spectrum Health United Hospital - Greenville

    Evening Sessions:  6:00 - 7:30PM  
  350 Law Enforcement
Montcalm County Sheriff's Department -


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Montcalm County Sheriff Department
Pathway: Human Service
Address: 659 N. State Street
  Stanton, MI  48888
Focus Career: Police Officer
Event Time:

6:00pm - 7:30pm

 Session Closed!

Prior to the year 2001, public safety officers were unspoken heroes.  However, on September 11, 2001 that all changed.  On that day hundreds of public safety officers unselfishly gave their lives to protect the public.  The Montcalm County Sheriff officers are no different than any of those individuals that gave their lives that day.

These men and women work and practice tirelessly to insure that when called upon, they will be ready to protect the people that employ them.

At this event you will  have the opportunity to meet Under Sheriff Bellinger and his officers who will share their skills and knowledge in the area of law enforcement with you.  Perhaps this event will lead you to a
career to service the public.

Included in this Career Showcase event is a tour of the facility and jail complex.

Website: www.montcalm.org

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Sidney State Bank
Pathway: Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
Address: 3016 W. Sidney Road
  Sidney, MI  48885
Focus Career: Tellers
  Loan Officers
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Sidney State Bank is a full service financial institution offering products and services.  A visit to our bank will provide you with a tour of our facility and an inside look at the banking industry.  Learn how to balance your checkbook, obtain a loan and invest your money.  Our bankers can provide insight on saving money, managing money and how to establish your credit.  Explore the opportunity to enhance your financial well being and learn what it takes to be a leader in the financial industry.


Website: www.sidneybank.com

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Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Address: 1 Dicastal Drive
  Greenville, MI 48838
Focus Career:  
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Dicastal North America manufactures aluminum alloy wheels for the automotive industry utilizing the latest digital and core technology for melting, casting, heat-treating, machining, painting, and testing of it's products.  They are the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum wheels for the automotive industry and offers casting and spinning of wheels.  Learn about the exciting careers in manufacturing and production.

Website: http://www.dicastalna.com/en

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Spectrum Health United Hospital
Pathway: Health Science
Address: 615 S. Bower Street
  Greenville, MI  48838
  This event will take place in the lower level of the hospital. Please park in Parking Lot J and enter through the doors in the Northeast corner of the building.
Focus Career: See list below
Event Time:

3:30pm - 5:00pm


Visit Spectrum Health United Hospital and learn more about a health care career.  Talk to staff and ask questions about what they do in the hospital environment.
● Nursing ● Nutrition Services
● Laboratory ● Medical Assistant
● Radiology ● Pharmacy
● Physical Therapy ● Patient Registration                        
● Respiratory Therapy  

Fact sheets will be available for health care and hospital related fields as well as careers that support the medical field.

Spectrum Health United Hospital is committed to providing excellent personal care and services through state-of-the-art technology and qualified, caring staff at United Hospital in Greenville.  Our affiliation with Spectrum Health makes local health care more convenient and accessible than ever before by providing a variety of physicians, better technology and improved services.

Spectrum Health United Hospital in Greenville has 49 acute care beds and 39 long-term-care beds. The hospital provides inpatient and emergency care, imaging services, a rehab and nursing center, an acute intensive care unit and obstetric inpatient services. The Hendrik & Gezina Meijer Surgery & Patient Care Center offers general and specialized surgical services, and the United Hospital Heart & Vascular Center offers heart and vascular care. The hospital offers an array of outpatient services, including obstetrics, orthopedics, wound healing clinics, cancer care, primary care and United Lifestyles, which offers programs and education to the community about healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Our group of 176 physicians, 25 physician assistants, 206 nurses and 642 professional staff chose to work at Spectrum Health United Hospital because of the close relationships developed among the team and with patients.  More intimate settings are achieved because of our size, yet we meet the elevated standards of quality care you expect from Spectrum Health.

The future is bright at Spectrum Health United Hospital.  We're leveraging our resources, investing in our communities, and continually improving the experiences of our patients.

Website: www.spectrumhealth.org

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