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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Careers by choice, not by chance!

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    Afternoon Sessions:  4:00 - 5:30PM  
  400 Engineering Technology
Byrne Electric Specialists - Lakeview

  405 Law Enforcement
Carson City Department of Corrections Facility -
Carson City

  410 Engineering Technology and Tool & Die
K & W Tool & Machine, Inc. - Greenville

  415 Veterinary Medicine
Town & Country Animal Clinic - Greenville

    Evening Sessions:  6:00 - 7:30PM  
  450 Firefighter & Rescue Services
Montcalm Township Fire Department
- Greenville

  455 Veterinary Medicine
Town & Country Animal Clinic
- Greenville


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Carson City Department of Corrections Facility
Pathway: Human Service
Address: 10274 Boyer Road
  Carson City, MI  48811
Focus Career: Corrections Officer
Event Time:

4:00pm - 5:30pm


Opened in 1989, the Carson City Correctional Facility is a one, two, and four level facility serving males eighteen years of age and older.  The facility is made up of seven housing buildings consisting of 1,224 beds.

Similar to most Michigan correctional facilities, the Carson City Correctional Facility has an extensive educational program to assist inmates in reaching their GED degree and for some inmates the opportunity to get vocational training in the food service industry. 

The careers available to individuals interested in working with residents who have made the wrong choices in the past are immense.  For more information about those careers, be sure to visit his Career Showcase event and by visiting the Michigan Department o Corrections career opportunities website:  http://michigan.gov/corrections/0,4551,7-119-68690---,00.html

Website: http://www.michigan.gov/corrections/0,4551,7-119-68854_1381_1385-5362--,00.html

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Montcalm Township Fire Department
Pathway: Human Service
Address: 1880 S. Greenville Road
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Firefighter/Hazardous Materials/Medical Responder
  Technical Rescue (Ice & Water Rescue, Confined Space, High Angle Rescue)
  Wildland Firefighting
Event Time:

6:00pm - 7:30pm


Working in the Fire Services field is a rewarding and fulfilling job opportunity, both at the rural-community and urbanized level.  Montcalm County is fortunate to have 13 different fire service agencies that each have different responsibilities of providing protection and have different job opportunities.  Visiting with fire service personnel from Montcalm Township FD, Greenville Public Safety, and other fire/rescue agencies, students will learn about the profession of firefighting, overview educational and employment opportunities (including the Montcalm County Fire Academy), understand additional technical aspects of the job (extrication, hazardous materials, ice water rescue, and the Montcalm County Technical Rescue Team), and be able to ask questions to fire personnel about ways to successfully pursue the position of firefighter in the State of Michigan.


Websites to visit:
Facebook Website: 
County of Montcalm: 
Montcalm County Fire Association (via Facebook):  https://www.facebook.com/Montcalm-County-Fire-Association-1586053061630881/
Montcalm County EMS (Rescue Division): 
Montcalm County EMS (Technical Rescue): 
Michigan Bureau of Fire Services: 

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Town & Country Animal Clinic
Pathway: Health Science  
  Natural Resources & Agri-Science  
Address: 9191 S. Greenville Road
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Veterinarian
  Veterinary Assistant
Event Time:

4:00pm - 5:30pm

6:00pm - 7:30pm

A leader in animal health care in the Greenville area, Town and Country Animal Clinic's staff of nine veterinarians and support staff offer outstanding animal health care.  With the large staff, Town & Country can offer health care to animals from small family pets to large farm and exotic animals.  Your visit to Town & Country will provide you with a through tour of the facility, actual animal health care procedures and educational requirements, career outlook and salary information direct from the veterinarians.

Additional sources of information:

Websites to visit:
Town & Country Animal Clinic:  www.tcanimalclinic.com
MSU College of Veterinary Medicine:  www.cvm.msu.edu
American Veterinary Medical Association:  www.avma.org
Michigan Veterinary Medical Association:  www.michvma.org
Veterinary Information Network:  www.vin.com/careers/
Bureau of Labor Statistics- Veterinarians:  http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos076.htm

Reading Suggestions:
The James Herriot series
All my patients are under the bed by Louis Camuti
Country Vet by Dennis Farrier
Exploring Careers in Animal Care by Charlotte Lobb
Your Future in Veterinary Medicine by Wayne Riser

Website: www.2tcac.com

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Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.
Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing, & Industrial Technology
Address: 1025 S. Lincoln Street
  Lakeview, MI  48850
Focus Career:  
Event Time:

 4:00pm - 5:30pm

At Byrne, we're inspired by ideas.

Curious and forward thinking, we ask questions and search out answers. We move fast and we’re flexible, but we’re not about shortcuts.

We’re honest, passionate and hardworking people. Talented, yet humble, we believe in what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.

We’re trusted leaders. We’re loyal partners. And we aspire to make a difference wherever we are.

But above all, we’re a family. A community of wonderfully diverse thinkers and entrepreneurs that genuinely care for each other.

Byrne is an industrial leader in power and data technology integration.  Committed to solving power needs and inspiring connections between individuals - since 1971.  Our Byrne team has grown over 700+ strong worldwide.  We pride ourselves on fresh, human centered design thinking, collecting more than 500 patents in our 40+ years.

At Byrne, we don’t make electrical products. We help make the connections that bring people together. Every day.
Website: www.byrne.com

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K & W Tool & Machine, Inc.
Pathway: Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
Address: 1216 Shearer Road
  Greenville, MI  48838
Focus Career: Machinist
Event Time:

4:00pm - 5:30pm

   See important notice below

Since 1998 K&W Tool & Machine has a large market presence in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and special machines industry.  The company has extensive experience in armor plate, ballistic aluminum and other exotic materials utilized by these industries.

K&W Tool and Machine specializes in short and long term production CNC machining, prototyping, welding, laser jet cutting and water jet cutting.

Similar to the other tool & die type companies throughout the county, K & W Tool and Machine, Inc. offers an apprenticeship program with Montcalm Community College.  These apprenticeship programs offer the employee to earn a competitive wage while also attended a fully paid college education.

Important Notice - Please Read

Due to the nature of products produced at this facility, the United States Department of Defense requires that all individuals entering this event, are required to show proof of American citizenship.  Proof of citizenship to be provided at the event site include: a State issued driver's license, passport, or orginal birth certificate.  All registered students will have their citizenship verified through their school prior to the event.

Only registered students and their accompaning adults will be permited
entry on the day of the scheduled event.

Website: www.kwtoolinc.com

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